Time Capsule Chinook

Here’s a perfect time capsule Chinook from Jeff Edwards. Beautiful Chinook and photos! This is a 1974 Toyota Chinoook with 56,000 original miles. Purchased from Sheridan Ranch Supply in Sheridan Wyoming. Always garaged… Continue reading



Wide Door Chinook

4×4 Chinook

Here’s a custom 4×4 Toyota Chinook that was on Craigslist a while back.

Pristine Chinook

A pristine looking 1977 Toyota Chinook from Flickr

The Chinook Eagle

Don’t know much about this model. Appears to be a Ford truck chassis. Has a tall window in the back with an offset rear door. Nice spoiler swoop on the back of the pop top… Continue reading


In the 80’s the German company Bischofberger made some of the best looking mini fiberglass campers the world had ever seen. They rival even the Chinook. They were made on Volkswagen Golf and Audi… Continue reading

VW Diesel Pickup Camper – The Veggie-Bago

Here’s another find from our fellow Chinook seeker. This leads to a whole other world of mini fiberglass campers I’d never seen before. More to come soon! From Curbside Classic.


Another strange and rare creation I’d never heard of. Brought to our attention by a fellow Chinook seeker and Scat enthusiast. The Ford Courier Roll-A-Long! 1972 even! Now this looks suspiciously like a… Continue reading

Chinook Failed The Smog Test

I guess the timing is off a bit. Dang it!