the chinook guru – timeline #1 – the brownie

Nolan’s 1976 chinook 4×4. here’s some timeline photos from the build and some of the story. you can read the whole story here on

“I started cleaning and tinkering, removing broken pieces, worn out pieces, loose pieces, etc. to get down to a starting point, within 3 days of purchase I had a bare frame sitting in the driveway and Chinook parts scattered everywhere, OK now theres a place to start “ha ha” By this time the wife was starting to give me that look, but HEY, if I’m going to do it I might as well do it right, and if we were going to actually camp, sleep, and travel in this thing I wanted to make sure it was safe, dependable, reliable, and looked half way respectable. A few trips and many calls to RV parts sources quickly revealed that these old Chinooks are beyond the point of finding parts for so my many needed pieces that I thought would be easy to replace now needed a new strategy to restore it. So strategy became “I’ll just build it the way I see fit and do what I can” To make things more exciting a friend had wrecked his Toyota 4×4 truck, and I got this great idea that maybe I could incorporate some of the pieces into this project, so along with a completely dismantled Chinook I now had a wrecked 4×4 to add to the collection. By now the wife had figured I had totally lost it and was beyond sanity. Told her if she needed me I would be in the garage for the next few years. With the bare Chinook frame as a starting point I cut the frame in half, grafted on the front section of the 4×4 frame, from there the reconstruction process began.”