the chinook guru – timeline #2 – blew

Blew 4×4 Custom 75 Toyota Chinook Motorhome

This is another one of those projects that started with an idea and slowly progressed. Its a 78 Toyota truck with a 75 Chinook body, with all 82 Toy 4×4 running gear, sports a 7″ lift, power steering, AC, power windows, the rear camper section will  have the roof mounted permanent (no pop-top) the small rear door will give way to a single large swing up rear door, all the side windows and compartments will be removed and finished out, and the rear interior will be just an upholstered open shell for hauling stuff.  The old saying turbochargers are fine but I’d rather be blown applies, it will run a built 22R with a side mount supercharger. Just another play toy to keep me occupied.

read more about blew here

When I bought it, worse shape than an abandoned crack house

Off comes the shell

old cab was trash, not many parts worth keeping

I had this truck patially done so figured it was a good candidate for the shell but need the frame lengthened

frame cut off

rear half rolled out of the way

lengthening the frame

welded together, now just needs filled to make it the same all the way

rolling chassis again

the shell back on

starting on the floor replacement

grinding off all the old glass connection

what the original floor constuction looks like under the top layer

removed the stock wheelwells and built smaller ones

rear step up area was boxed in and made into storage compartment

working on rear door

paneling walls, you can see the steel frame work on roof area, has similar in walls

door hinges built and gas shocks mounted

door fits and body lines look the same

moved gas filler down below floor level and added door lid

filling holes

cut the roof lip out

glassing in the roof and molding it to the same profile as body

building door panels

finished door panels


wires, wires, everywhere wires

built a new fuse panel with blade fuses to handle all the added electronics, more fuses under the hood along with many relays


some of the gauges plus quick release steering wheel

more gauges and flat screen monitors for tv ect.

rear door finished

rear interior

dual rear shocks and axle torque arm

front dual shocks and remote oil filter setup

fenderwell cutout to fit supercharger


says it all 🙂

oil cooler

fuel filter canister and transfer case

dual mufflers

wrapped exhaust system to help noise

no more hood rod holder upper

headlight upgrade, got lotsa light now

out Chinookin

out rock digging

out rock digging again

more rock digging

and again, another rock digging trip

spiffed up for car show

brownie & blue