The World of Traveller Dave


“Are we sitting Comfortably ?? Good , then I’ll begin .

This website is intended as a means of sharing with a wider public some of the vehicles and associated objects that’ve crossed the path of my Albion during our last 14+ years travelling around southern europe . It’s not meant to be a technicaly detailed site , anoraks can get that sort of detail from books thank you .. I take photos of things that interest me , and don’t stop to count how many wheelnuts its got etc …though I’ve tried to add succint captions with a few known details . I haven’t the crack code for the european registration systems I’m afraid so vehicle dates are often only listed for that model , if known . For more information on french vehicles there is a monthly magazine “Charge Utile” , which tries to cover most vehicle types , but its nothing like the material available in the uk . Any feedback/questions on uploaded images always welcome . As I live in a converted truck my internet connection is usually limited to visiting the nearest cyber outlet new material will appear when time allows !”

Traveller Dave

traveller dave buss painting photo

“Neil Painting Geoff’s FM at Andover ‘ 90 – Jeff’s already well painted rig getting its cab lined out .”

horsedrawn wagons

Horsedrawn Wagons



“Nigel & Goldies Austin Loadstar ‘ 94 – Sadly this was completely lunched out after they sold it on . After the Aurillac Street Theatre Festival in 95 it was towed back to Pierre’s land at Carlucet and left to supposedly await spares from the uk .. but when I last saw it the wooden sides had been chainsawed by a resident uk knobhead , would also put holes in many of the fg’s also left behind to recover the oil !!”

bus art eye camper rv

“Eye at Inglestone Common ‘ 90”


“Adam’s Atlantean at Castlemorton Festival 1992 – Had at one time been used by Greenpeace . Looks to have been repainted since my earlier photo of the decker taken at Clyro Court in 1989 ? . Went to Berlin after the Castlemorton festival , but back in the UK and still owned by Adam in 2010.”


“Tibetan Tony’s Pre-Tibetan Flag Paint Job – Seen ? Later a it had a more subdued brown base & Tibetan Flag , Now bright red .. Photo = Tash .”


Tiger Cub in Wales ‘ 89 – Noddy’s mate ran this around the north uk for a few years until the engine blew in the early ‘ 90’s . Photo = Noddy Guerva .”

Tony & Gizz's Titan at Rougham 1990

“This is the downstairs section of Tony and Gizz’s home when I visited them . Note the Circus Hazzard poster dating from when the bus travelled extensively around southern Europe in the 1980’s as part of this alternative circus troupe .”

Gin's Tiger Cub

“Seen ? Gin another Traveller now no longer with the rest of us .. This bus had been to Timbuktu with a previous owner & Gin took it to Morocco a few times until a cracked block saw it scrapped in Santander . Photo = Chris”

Jay C & Boat at Oxford ' 97

Boats? Yeah, even boats! “Jay C & Boat at Oxford ‘ 97 – Spring Sunshine on the Cut !”