chinook living at campo cadena


a couple more chinook ads

A hard working economy car should be able to get away once in a while. Buy an economy car. Get a camper free.

the scale model rc toyota chinook

Scale builders guild forum.

another chinook 4×4 guru

another chinook 4×4 guru. Lance Ogden. this guys got tons of photos of his chinook project here + check out his videos. he’s got a video of the 4×4 chinook conversion and a… Continue reading

the chinook guru – timeline #2 – blew

Blew 4×4 Custom 75 Toyota Chinook Motorhome This is another one of those¬†projects that started with an idea and slowly progressed. Its a 78 Toyota truck with a 75 Chinook body, with all… Continue reading

the chinook . com

this guy Paul made some funny videos, his own reality tv show about living in a chinook. check out his website here and watch the episodes below!      

chinook owner’s manual + the secret bunk bed

download it here.

Mendocino Chinook


the chinook guru – timeline #1 – the brownie

Nolan’s 1976 chinook 4×4. here’s some timeline photos from the build and some of the story. you can read the whole story here on “I started cleaning and tinkering, removing broken pieces,… Continue reading

toyota chinook ads

my collection of toyota chinook, gazelle, round tripper, mpg, newport and omega ads. this is what i’ve been able to find online so far. can’t wait to see more!