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Pristine Chinook

A pristine looking 1977 Toyota Chinook from Flickr

Chinook Gazelle

Beautiful Chinook

Here’s a beautiful Toyota Chinook that was for sale on Craigslist. Looks so clean and well kept. Nice!

Chinook Interior

A rare look at the chinook interior from a new perspective outside the Chinook. Got these here

A Temporary Fix For Leaking Windows

  Here’s a quick temporary fix for a small leak I’ve got somewhere in the window frame. But it’s starting to rain and I gotta fix it quick. So the solution for now is white… Continue reading

36 Years of Registration

new Brighton state beach

turn signal bulb

the left front turn signal bulb was out. and if one of the bulbs is out, it stops the flasher from working. i thought there was a problem with the flasher, but it… Continue reading

Saint Joseph Cemetery

on our way to thrift town in san pablo we accidentally drive into saint joseph cemetery

first night in the chinook